Principle Architect, Kayhan Nadji, is recognized for his creative approach to design, his sensitivity to Northern Environment and Culture, and has contributed to a high standard of design for many Northern Aboriginal communities. Kayhan holds a Masters Degree in 'Architectural and Urban Planning', and has over 36 years experience in architectural design, urban planning, and project management. His graduate thesis was based on the study of 'Educational Compounds K-12', which was supported by his early training and experience as an educator.

Kayhan was selected by the 'International Biographical Centre' Cambridge, England as one of 2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century.

He was recognized by 'The National Post' Design Exchange magazine, under the category of Innovative Canadian Design, for unique Northern housing projects.

Kayhan is a member of the 'Royal Architectural Institute of Canada', and the Ordre des Architects du Quebec. He is a member and past president of the 'Northwest Territories Association of Architects', and is past president of 'Equisse Construction' Montreal, QC.

Kayhan began painting as a child, later studying at private art schools where he trained with several professional artists in watercolor and oil paintings. It is through both Art & Architecture, he aims to express the important role design plays in our everyday lives.